SIO Beauty

Our client was well-positioned in organic search results for keywords related to silicone pads to reduce wrinkles.  But their online business had plateaued and were in need of some new digital strategies.

The Ask

Our client basically gave us a working budget to develop new online revenue streams.  We felt like their product would market well on Amazon. 

The Solution

We built a list of popular key phrases in Amazon organic search related to their business.  Then created a listing with keywords optimized in the product title and description.  Then drove traffic to those listings by creating a special offer and marketing it to one of custom audiences in Facebook with a link-back thru a custom Amazon URL with their keyword in.  This helped our client rank in the top ten for the most frequently searched key phrases within one month.  But that was not enough.  We also ran an Amazon sponsored ads campaign and thru constant testing were able to get it that our client at scale could turn a profit after Amazon FBA fees, product and advertising costs.

The Results

Within 4 months are client was doing $40.0 k monthly revenue on Amazon and $20.0 k gross profit.  Not bad for a $10.0 k marketing investment.

Increase in Revenue
Return on Marekting Spend
Users Reached