Facebook Advertising

Our client is a top footwear, apparel and accessory brand in the cross fit niche. They had developed a loyal customer following but were struggling with new customer acquisition.

The Ask

Our client engaged us to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales.  We recommended a Facebook advertising campaign.  This enabled us to create look-a-like audiences based on existing customers.

The Solution

Our top of funnel strategy was to create copy and creative that would build brand awareness with look-a-like audiences.  We aggressively advertised training hard to get results.  This message connected well with FB users who fit our clients’ target audience. We then further introduced to the brand with video testimonials of influencers and a ton of user-generated content.  This strategy setup a bottom of funnel advertising campaign with special promotions and new footwear releases.

The Results

Once we had a winning ad campaign and funnel strategy we were able to scale thru a campaign bid optimization strategy with a wide range of cap costs and minimum ROAS targets.  This significantly lowered our clients cost per acquisition.  Hence increasing our clients’ campaign profitability. 

Decrease in CPA
Increase in Revenue