Local Search CASE Study

Our client is a drug rehab clinic based in Arizona.  They invest $6,000.0 monthly in SEO.  They are ranked in top ten for 71 keywords.  Traffic is up 500 percent.  Google values a cost per click at $26.50.  The client has 10 k monthly visitors.  This means the same traffic with Adwords would cost $265,000.0.

The Ask

Our client wanted more inbound calls and captures from their web site.   

The Solution

We reworked clients Google my Business listing so it was better optimized, included more views and published posts on a weekly basis.  We then added our proprietary SEO code to their web site..  It created a new page on their web site for each keyword.  Then we built high-authority backlinks from are others business directory of web sites to our clients’ site. 

The Results

Increas InTraffic
$200.0 K
Monthly Cost Savings